Woman fights for sleep apnea awareness after husband’s death

KVUE 11/11/11 Special Report
Woman fights for sleep apnea awareness after husband’s death


  1. jillian gaines says:

    I saw the news story concerning your car accident. I am so sorry about your loss.
    I too was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler on August 13, 2008. It was also in a construction area on I-35 in Itasca. The left lane was closed for construction and the cars were in the right lane and when the car in front of me stopped, I stopped, but the 18-wheeler did not, which was going 60-65 miles an hour.
    I broke T-3 in my back, stretched my spinal cord and brain stem. I also had a brain injury. I had to learn to walk, talk, eat, swallow and dress myself again. I spent months in rehab. I am improving daily and by God’s grace I am not paralyzed. Because of my nerve damage and pain, I try to work about 20-25 hours a week. The trucking company admitted fault, my lawyer proved that the driver was asleep with his eyes opened by the road and long hours of driving.
    I would like to help anyway I can in your foundation. Please email me and let me know. I will be anxious to hear from you.
    Thank you for bringing awareness to this problem.
    Jillian Gaines

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