Family Reflections

Our parents, John and Wanda Lindsay, were traveling to Kentucky when a Celadon truck hit them from behind traveling at a high rate of speed. Our father sustained massive trauma to his head resulting in his death on Mother’s Day, May 9th 2010. Our mother sustained multiple injuries and still has not fully recovered. She will never recover from the loss of her husband and best friend. The loss of our father has impacted all our families and each of us in individual ways.

We no longer have access to the many stories and personal memories that lived within our father. We cannot call and ask him questions and benefit from his wealth of experience and knowledge. We cannot hear him tell us that he will always be there for us. We will never again feel his arms around us or hear him reassure us that everything will work out ok.

Our children are without their grandfather now. We pray they will always remember their times with him. They will have to relive those special moments through videos, pictures, and stories. They had so much still to learn from him about life and having fun. Their grandfather will not be able to cheer them on during soccer or football games or applaud for an award received. He will not be able to relate how proud he is of them for accomplishments earned.

His death has left a huge empty space in our lives, one that no one else can ever fill. And yet we are so thankful for the years we had with him. We are grateful for the legacy of integrity, strength, kindness and love he has left us, for the tremendous influence he had in our lives.

We will continue to push forward in our lives knowing that he is in a much better place, and we will all see him again one day!

Tom, Michelle, & Melissa