Crash survivor: Laws should address sleep apnea

Crash survivor: Laws should address sleep apnea
By Greg Bowen
Thursday, July 7, 2011


  1. Can you please contact us regarding our Sleep Therapy Program for Truck Drivers. We would like to discuss partnering or sponsoring on your site.

    CPAP For Truckers has designed the most advanced, cost effective sleep therapy program for the transportation industry. It includes TESTING in the comfort of one’s living quarters along with the DIAGNOSIS by a Board Certified Physician. If confirmed to have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, the proper SLEEP THERAPY EQUIPMENT is sent out to the patient. We then FOLLOW-UP with calls to the patient at regular intervals to insure his/her CPAP Therapy is going well. Necessary COMPLIANCE REPORTS are generated and forwarded to the Safety Director.

    Further, our Sleep Therapy Program is more flexible and convenient for the patient, lower in cost, and far less likely to cause testing delays common to sleep labs. In some cases, sleep labs can require three to four week wait times, which can delay a driver from getting back on the road.

    The goal of our Sleep Therapy Program is to keep Drivers and Owner-Operators certified and safe on the road at minimal costs.

    Thank you.

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